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2020 Peony Inventory

Big, Beautiful Peonies!

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Order ASAP

Because we have a limited supply, and large wholesalers have discovered us, it is important to get your order in as soon as possible.  When we receive an order, we immediately pull it from the inventory, place you name on it and hold it for you until the week of your event. We are beginning to take orders for the 2019 season. The safe window for ordering is from the 16th of July through the first week of September.



If we don't have a variety that you need, or when our stock is depleted, we can still out source orders to other farms that harvest later than us. we have the ability to out-source most varieties.  These farms meet the same high quality standards that we to which we adhere. 

Wholesale and Volume Discounts.

The more you buy the greater you save, both in shipping and in stem price. We also offer wholesale discounts as well.

Contact us if you are retailer, designer, or wholesale buyer, and we will provide you with our wholesale price list.

Projected 2020 Peony Inventory


2019 Availability

Our Alaskan peonies are no longer available for order for 2019. We are now taking pre-orders for the 2020 season.

Feel free to call
Alaskan Peony Coral Sunset.jpg

2019 Inventory As of 9/10/19                     

      Variety                Total Stems                                                                                         

Amalia Olson                             0

Pecher                                        0         

Raspberry Sundae                      0           

Kansas                                       0

Sarah Bernhardt                        0

Big Ben                                      0 

Paul Wild                                  0                         

Bowl of Cream                         0   


Duchess                                   0     

Festiva Maxima                       0          

Shirley Temple                        0

Coral Sunset                           0

Farmer's choice                      0 ( Fuchsia, pink, and white combo)


Please contact us if you have any questions.

Wayne and Patti Floyd

Cool Cache Farms, LLC

47110 Autumn Rd

Kenai, Alaska 99611


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