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Caring for Your Alaska Peonies

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We harvest our Alaskan Peonies in the bud form. This often means that they show very little color. When your flowers arrive they will be thirsty. No worries! They are just sleeping and will bounce right back as long as you protect them from excessive heat, and quickly use the following procedures:


Once they have arrived:

  • Decide whether you want your peonies to open slowly or quickly. Prepare containers with cold water so they will quickly hydrate. We advise you use the floral preservative that we have placed in your order, or one of your own choosing. This will prolong the vase life of your flowers. Make sure to follow the packet's directions exactly.
  • Remove foliage that will be beneath the container's water.​ 
  • Cut off 1 to 2 inches of the stems. This is best done with the stems underwater.

  • You may leave the containers out to hasten opening. Once your flowers are open, place them in the cooler until you are ready to use them. On the other hand, if you want your buds to open more slowly, place the containers with the flowers, immediately in the cooler. ​The size of most of our blooms will surprise you, so make sure there are not too many buds in each container. This will allow room for them to fully open.

  • Carefully monitor your peonies, because they use a lot of water. Fill with fresh water as needed. Water should be changed every two to three days. Re-cutting the stems at the same time will prolong their life as well.

If a bud appears to be too hard to open, carefully remove the sepals, and gently tap the bud on a hard surface while rotating it. Avoid storing flowers with vegetables and fruits. This will keep ethylene from affecting your flowers.


Factors that affect vase life are bud variety, age, treatment, room temperature, etc., but they should last between 5-14 days when properly cared for.




We guarantee the quality of our peonies. If upon receipt of your flowers, you have any concerns, take the following steps:

1. Take pictures and contact us immediately by phone.

2. Send the pictures by email.

If the flowers do not perform satisfactorily, and we can determine that proper care was given, either we will re-send new peonies, or refund your money.

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