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How We Harvest and
Care for Your Alaska Peonies
Because of the variables of weather, we will not know the exact date that harvest will begin.  We could begin as early as the 3rd of July, and as late as the 10th. Harvest can extend though to mid August. That being said, it is important that you subscribe to receive updates, and like us on FaceBook
If you would like to have peonies between July 25th, and September 7th, you need to place your orders as early as possible. That way you can be assured of receiving you flowers. They go quickly! If you need peonies the last week of June through the first of October we may be able to source them from some of our partner farms.
To pick our peony buds at just the right stage, we usually harvest at least three times a day . With in a half an hour they are in our cooler to remove the field heat. Once they are chilled, they are wrapped in paper and kept at 33 degrees Fahrenheit. If they do not ship within two weeks, we dry-store them in plastic bags to reduce desiccation. Thus, when you receive your buds, they will be excellent shape and open beautifully for your arrangements.

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