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Retail Peony Pricing and Shipping

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Wholesale Pricing

If you are a wholesale floral outlet or buyer, you can get even better prices by completing the "Wholesale Account Application". You will then be qualified to place wholesale orders.

Retail Pricing (Includes the shipping).

The price you see is the price you pay. Many sources of Alaskan Peonies will tell you their base price, and then tack on additional shipping and handling fees. There are no hidden shipping and handling fees for any of our orders. Your price is based on the size of your order. You can see your price breaks in the list below.* **


Domestic, Hawaiian, and Canadian, Shipping 

We do ship to Hawaii and Canada, and shipping is included in the stem prices shown below.​​ Any extra fees for Canada will be submitted for payment at the time of shipping.


We also ship overseas, but pricing is worked out differently using a base stem price, plus the added administrative and shipping fees.


*These are the current 2022 prices. They are subject to carrier increases in shipping costs.

**You may use the standard cardboard flower boxes at no extra charge, or you may request insulated boxes for an additional fee.

***Prices may incur a fuel increase surcharge. If that happens, you will be notified prior to shipping.

2023 retail price set 12-5-22.jpg
Residential orders usually work fine, but if bad weather, or other possible delaying events occur, residential orders can be delayed up to two or three days. So it is best if you  use "Hold for Pickup" or a commercial address to receive your flowers. FedEx always delivers first to commercial addresses.

Retail S & H Pricing:  **Current shipping prices are for the Continental United States. Elsewhere the shipping may have a surcharge. Also, the cost may change depending on FedEx's current rates at the time of shipping. We will notify you prior to shipping.
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