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2022 Peony Root Sale

We will be selling four different roots this fall. They are 3 to 5 eyed roots. Their normal retail price in the store are $35 to $45. Our price is listed with the variety.

Times and Places

We are planning to have the sale on two weekends. Each sale will be from 11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

  • across from Arby's in Kenai on Saturday, September 24th.

  • in front of Soldotna Trustworthy Hardware on Saturday, October 1st.


Once we post the varieties, you can reserve your roots by phone. Call 907-741-0204 to make your order and provide payment to guarantee your roots. 

Peony Soil Amendments

Peony Roots benefit greatly from using beginning amendments which are mixed in the hole. We prepare a zip-lock bag with amendments which we have found to benefit our peonies. The mix includes Peony Blend fertilizer, fish meal, and ground kelp. Each bag is $5 each.

Varieties for Sale

We will have a red, pink, white, and blush or coral varieties--45 roots

Blush/coral varieties:

$30 per root, or five roots for $125. 


Red, pink and white varieties:

$25 per root, or five roots for $100. 

Call 907-741-0204 to pre-order or for more details.

Feel free to call
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