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Why Cool Cache Farms?
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Why are Our Peonies Superior?

1. Our short growing season averages more than seventeen hours of usable light per day! The result is Peonies with more brilliant colors than anywhere else in the world, and the size of our largest flowers is nothing short of amazing.


2. Also, out peonies exceed what you expect, because they come to you Farm Direct! Our peonies never see the inside of a warehouse. They are chilled within minutes of their cutting. They are then packed and drop-shipped from the farm, which helps these Alaskan peonies to be as fresh as possible.


3. Because we ship 'Overnight Priority' with FedEx, if you order them early on Thursday, you can have them on Friday, often before 10:30 AM! This prevents them from riding around in a hot delivery van all day.


What Do We Mean by Superior Service?


1. We communicate with every customer regarding the initial order, the status of held inventory, updates on their long-term orders, inventory availability, shipping, invoicing, and post-delivery bud performance.

2. Our wide selection of varieties eleven different varieties range from corals and specialty, to red, pink, and white varieties. If we don't have the exact variety you need, we know where to source your order from other farms that we cooperate with.

3. Fast turn around. You can order early on Monday, and receive your shipment by Tuesday.

4. Because we belong to CalFlowers, we receive a very substantial discount on shipping. This is why your overall price per stem is very economical.


5. Quality guarantee. If your buds do not perform as expected, we offer and new shipment, or a partial or complete refund.

6. International shipping. We are experienced international exporters. We know how to make your international orders happen flawlessly, and with good results.

Since summertime peony world-wide demand exceeds the statewide supply, it is very important to pre-order yours ASAP!


Why should you buy your peonies from Cool Cache Farms? Because we have superior peonies and service.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Wayne and Patti Floyd

Cool Cache Farms, LLC

47110 Autumn Rd

Kenai, Alaska 99611


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