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A Blog of My Own

This is Jake the Farm Dog, and wow, AM I excited! When Wayne and Patti said that I would get a blog of my own, at first I was puzzled. "What is a blog?" I wondered. Well, now I know. I get to tell you about my farm, Cool Cache Farms. I will keep you up-to-date on the details and events as they happen here at the farm.

So what is my first piece of news? Well, me and my sidekick, Rufus have had to watch the farm, while Wayne and Patti were away. They said they were at the Alaska Peony Growers Association Conference. They said that it was a phenomenal conference that focused a lot on the marketing of our farm's beautiful flowers.

Well, keep in touch. I will have more to say next week. Now, I gotta go practice my typing. Have you ever tried to use a space bar when you have no thumbs?

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