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Did Johnny Horton Get It Wrong?

I was listening to Wayne and Patti play Johnny Horton's song "When When It's Springtime in Alaska, It's Forty Below" the other day, and I don't get it. It must have been before my time! Currently outside it is a balmy 51 degrees F! Wayne even showed me a peony shoot. He said it is about 3-4 weeks early this year. That means we may have peonies for sale as early as the last week of June. He said our customers should stay tuned, we will know later when the buds form.

We have had a couple other things that indicate that spring has sprung. One of the ducks is now on a nest box of 14 eggs. I guess, all things working out, we'll have a box of "quakers" in two or three weeks.

Another sign of spring, surprised my sidekick Rufus, but since I'm the Farm Dog here, I knew about it almost the minute it happened. Our first lamb of the year was born, on the 14th. It's a boy lamb, and Wayne said he felt like calling it "Form 1040". Anyway, I suggested that the spot on his nose looks like a big freckle, and one thing led to another, and Patti suggested the name "Freckles". So in a way, I named him. He' a smart little guy, and he likes talking to me. He likes kisses from me through the fence.

An then there's the rabbits. We have eight two week-old baby rabbits. I had Wayne pull them out, and there are black-spotted ones, grey-spotted ones, black ones with tan ears, and even a yellow-orange and white one! Patti just returned from Anchorage with two pedigreed Blue Otter Rex rabbits. The buck is named "Blue", and the doe is named "Babe". She also brought back a pure Blue Rex named "Skye". I stop by every day and check in on them, and they are adjusting well to their new "digs".

Well, I need to get going out to the road, and see if the new grass that I had Wayne plant is coming up. That's all for now from my farm--Cool Cache Farms, that is.

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