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Famous and Fattening

Hey, Jake the Farm Dog checking in with "all my Fans." I guess I am famous anyway, Wayne just put my picture on a hoodie and the likeness is fabulous, if I do say so myself. It looks like a work "of the Masters." THEY JUST MIGHT BE AVAILABLE SOON, stay tuned for updates.

Now the fattening part that I am truly salavating for! You may or may not know that "Chef Patti" makes delicious Rhubarb value-added products for the Kenai Saturday Market and the Soldotna Wednesday Market in the Park. And maybe you don't know this, but I am a lucky Alaskan farm dog that sometimes gets to sample the famous Wild-caught, delicious Kenai River Salmon parts that Wayne and Patti don't eat. Well today she is actually preparing and pressure canning Kenai River Wild Caught Salmon DOG FOOD!!!! Yep, just for me and my sidekick Rufus. She pressure canned forty jars of frozen fillets yesterday for the human family and NOW, she is canning the freezer burnt trimmings just for us dogs. Yippy, Skippy! Oh no, not for Skippy, He belongs to someone else and doesn't get these ALASKAN Farm Dog-only benefits. The fattening part? Oh that's all that good Omega 3 oil stuff we are going to enjoy....better pace myself, and I'll have to plan some extra running to burn off all those calories in the Peony field.

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