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Time to Order Your Peony Roots

While winter has been mild up here in Alaska, the peonies are still sleeping under the ground. I know this, because I'm Jake the Farm Dog, and I'm in charge of things around here. You know, like Chickens laying eggs, Roosters crowing, the sheep growin' their wool. You know bucolic kinds of things. I learned bucolic from Wayne, my farmer. It means . . . well . . . something to do with collies that are blue. I'm not quite sure what blue collies have to do with chickens and such, except that I shouuld keep an eye on things and make sure that one of those collies don't sneak in on the chickens, or the air's going to get kinda blue around here.

One of the other things I'm in charge of is the ordering of peony roots. Well, at least I let Wayne and Patti know which roots need replaced due to winter kill. Now, why would we need to be ordering roots in March, when the ground still lies buried under the snow? Because if we wait until it is time to plant in September, all of the choice roots will be gone! There is such a demand for peonies, especially in Alaska, that the demand will soon out strip the supply.

The choice ones, especially the blushes and the whites are the first to go. I really am partial to the bright fuschia color of our Kansas vairety. When they are combined with the beuatiufl Festiva Maximas, they make an arrangement that is a show stopper! Fortunately, we probably won't be needin' to plant much this year, but I do know the local youth group will be selling up to 200 roots this fall. So some of you might considet getting a few for yourselves then.

Anyway, that's all for now from Cool Cache Farms. I think I'll go out and check the field.

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