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Websites and Flat "Sails"

Here I am, exercising Wayne last winter.

Howdy, folks. Jake the Farm Dog here, and I finally have found some time to provide you with an update. Sometimes, I could just bark! Actually I do bark, and that is just part of my skill set. Among other things, I also keep the folks on the farm busy. I have been doing so by providing them with the exercise of throwing things. You know, like my favorite tennis ball, or my big yellow Frisbee. I am colorblind, so I have to take Wayne's word that it is yellow. What is yellow, by the way?

It has been a while since I last wrote, and many things have happened here at Cool Cache Farms. The past year was crazy, with a capital "Z". Right after I finished my last blog, I convinced Patti and Wayne to find a new website platform, and to get some help with designing it. Patti went to work researching website companies, and she discovered Mopro. After, looking it over I agreed we should go ahead with it. Wow! Did that take some work! The staff at Mopro began right away, and by the 18th of May we were ready to launch the new site!

On May 19th, we received our first order inquiry through our new website, and every since then it has been a "howlin' " success. The folks at Mopro really know how to get it together! If you haven't had the chance, check the rest of our website out. If you would like more information you can contact us direct, or let Mopro know that Ole' Jake the Farm Dog at Cool Cache Farms sent ya'.

Because we only had eight or nine inches of snow on the ground the winter of 2016, it thawed quickly, and as a result the peony shoots emerged quickly. Some showed up as early as May 9th. That was at least two weeks earlier that expected. As a result, I told Wayne and Patti to expect an early harvest. Sure enough, we started picking on the 27th of June. And thus we ran smack dab into the Dutch!

I was listening as Wayne explained it to a neighbor, and here's what he said. The Holland peony growers have been working on extending the cooler life of their peonies. As a result, with their late season they still had buds on the market in early July. He said that caused our peony sails to be pretty flat until after the 10th of July. Now that got me to thinkin'. Everyone knows that sails are flat, that is why they work to catch the wind. But, I didn't know you could make sails out of peonies. And we don't even have a boat that needs sails? And why would the Dutch cause our sails to be flat?

I don't know. I guess sailing peonies is not one of my skill sets. Well lots of other things have happened this past year, but I will continue with my updates another time. Right now, I need to find my Frisbee! A couple of Wayne and Patti's grandsons needs some exercising! So I'll be signing off for now from Cool Cache Farms.

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